"To feel comfortable and warm in your skin"

The Korean skincare brand LILIEF started in 2017 in Singapore.

The motto of the brand is 'Life like a water lily' and its' core value is "To feel comfortable and warm skin."

My story is like this.

I've been suffered from acne skin for 10 years since my age 18, and my mother had skin pigmentation.

At the first time, my mother, a LILIEF founder, and I were looking for cosmetics to use ourselves, and then I finally launched a skincare brand.

Through a variety of pop-up events in the Singapore shopping malls and department stores, I met a number of customers and realized one important thing.

'Many people don't know what their skin condition is and what kind of skincare products they have to use. In this state, customers who are fooled by marketing waste a lot of money and time. '

I don't believe that skincare products really heal skin troubles completely. However, I believe it can help and improve their skin as long as they have right skincare knowledge and habits!

Still, I am very pleased to meet customers and share the skin knowledge with them, check their skin condition, and really proud that they get a little interest in their skin and awaken 'right beauty'.

We hope they have the right skin knowledge and choose the right product for their skin.

✶ These are the LILIEF principles. (It's very important for us to follow this principle!!)

1. #Comfortable_skin

Cosmetics must be made from clean, fresh and healthy ingredients.

Most of the LILIEF and LILIEF Atelier products are sourced from 80-100% natural ingredients.

In the near future, we inspire that everyone can make well-formulated and comfortable-feeling cosmetics with simple, fresh and clean ingredients. Compared to the cosmetic products that contain chemically synthesized ingredients, our natural skin care line would be more appealing to the modern health-conscious consumers.

2. #Healthy_and_bright_skin

Your skin is precious. By using cosmetics, we want our customers to get bright skin and a bright mindset and this is our final purpose.

In the past three years, I've met many customers on the spot and have watched their skin becoming brighter and cleaner. And it brought joy and brightness to their hearts. Keeping your skin clean and bright is why we sell cosmetics.

3. #Learning_Beauty

Feel their pain. Know what customers want. It's unpleasant that cosmetics containing unnecessary ingredients are delivered to customers through exaggerated marketing.

We avoid this foolish & one-sided marketing that deceive consumers with unilateral hype.

The sellers who meet customer on the site should have enough knowledge about the ingredients, how it works on the skin and then recommend cosmetics that fit the skin to the customers.

If cosmetic or skincare product doesn't fit your skin, stop using the product right away!

You can always ask the seller to do the patch test the ingredients to see if it fits your skin.

4. #Cruelty_free

We are against animal testing. Even without animal testing, you can make and meet cosmetics that are healthy and good enough.

Our happiness grows when we appreciate nature's gifts and share them with others around us.

5. #Keep_communication_with_customers

It is important to build trust with our customers and to ensure that they trust us and choose the right products. When they need help, don't count the cost, just help.

LILIEF is here thanks to you.

We want to be a brand that is with customers for a long time based on trust like old friends.

How to meet LILIEF

  1. Instagram : @lilief.official

  2. Fecebook :

  3. Youtube : Search 'Lilief Atelier'


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